Dave's Technology Projects 

Welcome to Dave's Technology Projects web site.

We are located in Matamata, New Zealand and have software we have developed, Delphi Components and Radio Amateur projects that may be helpful to others so we are providing these freely from this site.

The contents on this site are provided free to use with few restrictions in response to the help we have appreciated from others who have freely shared their expertise over the internet. 

Of course anything you use from this site is at your own risk but be assured there is no sneaky advertising or nag screens or anything like that.

Church Data Display  

Our requirement was for a Windows 10 package that would simply display multimedia from a computer to a second screen - large screen T.V. or data projector.

There are some good systems available but we couldn't find any that matched what we required that were reasonably priced, so we designed this software.

So here it is FREE to download, FREE to use and keep using, FREE from advertising and nag screens.


Delphi Reporting Components

Having used a commercial set of components for printing reports from software developed in Delphi for many years and now finding the cost of updating well out of proportion to the commercial level I am operating at I thought I would have a go at developing my own.

So here it is - a simple banded reporting system that is capable of fairly complex reporting if required.

It has been designed with Delphi 10.3 but the source code is provided so you can modify it for other versions if required.

It is of course FREE.


Amateur Radio

Having an interest in restoring old amateur radio equipment and finding a lot of help on the net I thought that I should pass on some of what I have been working on.

TradeMe has been a great source of gear that is not working, probably would get scrapped but with a little bit of effort can become useful again.

Recent activity has seen some experimenting with Arduino processors to develop a DDS to replace Xtals in the Icom 22 series and a Tait T198. The information about that may be of encouragement for others to give it a go.

Over time I hope to keep adding to the projects on this site.