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We are located in Matamata, New Zealand. As you will see from the contents of this site I have enjoyed developing various projects which I thought I may as well share with others. At this stage everything here is free and unless overheads become excessive I plan to keep it that way. With regards to the software I have been able now to develop in Delphi which Embarcadero have made available free as a community version so I can pass that free use on. That is especially the case for components I have developed that add to the Delphi platform but are far too expensive for hobbyists like myself to purchase commercially.

I hope you find some use for the contents of this web site but if not thanks for looking.

SUPPORT: The support is terrible. This is not a commercial operation so I cannot make the commitment to attempt to solve any and every issue that might arise from use of this site or the software. Having said that if you like to send a request via the contact form I will attempt to give a response. I would especially like to hear if you are finding anything on this site useful.


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