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Reporting components for Delphi

The component package contains just six components - the main report page, report bands, text, image, shape and rich text. By setting properties a wide range of functions is provided. For example the Text component will take plain text for labels, database field display, functions for date, page number..., numeric and accumulator actions. It is relatively simple to set up even quite complex reporting. The documentation is almost non existent at this stage but the source code is included so that should help. Also a simple reporting example is included.

As well as embedding reports into applications I have developed an external report writer which is a simple design platform for ad hoc reports that can be run from the writer application or saved and run from within an application. This is not provided just yet but I hope to later - it will need some documenting yet.


This screenshot from the included example shows a very simple report.  Bands are added to the report, text, field data, date function and a shape have been added. 

Transformed to this when the report is run...

My apologies for the lack of documentation.  It was only after deciding to share the other projects on this site that I decided to add this as well.  It is of course free but please read the licence file after downloading.  The download is a .zip folder